Turbocharger remanufacturing for automotive industry

OE quality for the aftermarket

In the turbocharger sector the automotive industry and similar industries are facing major challenges. These include the sustainability efforts of the policy as well as the increasing quality and cost pressure on the market. The name Deutsche Turbo is connected with the claim to answer this and other future questions in a unique way. 

As partner of the automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturer, we remanufacture in series the leading turbocharger models for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, heavy duty and off-highway applications. With our know-how and our installations, we focus in particular on sophisticated and new turbocharger technologies, for example electronically-controlled turbochargers or the two-stage controlled charge. 

Integrated solutions for your turbocharger service business

Our expertise at a glance:  

  • Production of Reman turbochargers in series production
  • Reproducible quality at the highest level (OES level)
  • Process management and production planning according to industry standards
  • Process design according to customer requirements and integration in the existing process landscape (EDI)
  • Project workshop for the development of customer and project-specific solutions (Customer & Project Engineering)
  • All turbocharger brands and applications to the most up-to-date technology
  • Related services such as used part management, training, technical support etc.

Core processes of series production

In our production plant in Lingen (Ems) we work according to industrial standards. Our processes, measurement and testing procedures ensure reproducible quality at OES level - just like in series production. We work in strict compliance with manufacturer’s specifications and document the steps of the repairs in our manufacturing documentation and test reports. Each turbocharger undergoes a multi-stage process that is finalised with a quality audit pursuant to OE specifications: 

  • Incoming logistics & core management: We identify, evaluate and sort all incoming core parts according to quality levels. 
  • Dismantling: The turbocharger is dismantled into its individual components and examined visually to identify material damages. 
  • Cleaning: We use three cleaning systems to remove coarse soiling from the components and to degrease them.   
  • Blasting process: To remove corrosions and solid deposits, we apply fine blasting processes.  
  • Mechanical processing: Our CNC machine centre ensures highest precision in the mechanical treatmet of components. 
  • Component testing: All main parts of the turbocharger are tested at our component testing stations and aligned with OEM-specifications. 
  • Assembling, balancing and leakage test: Digital screwing and modern balancing machines ensure that the turbocharger runs smoothly.
  • Flow Bench: aThe flow behaviour of the fully assembled turbocharger is tuned and tested one last time on an industrial flow bench. 

Only when all measured values meet OEM specifications, the remanufactured turbocharger meet our facilities. 

Core management

Used parts returning from the market are the resources for our remanufacturing processes and the prerequisite for an efficient value chain. We identify, evaluate and sort all incoming core parts according to quality levels. Reports continuously keep you up to date on the status quo of your incoming goods and stocks. Components that cannot be used are sent for homogeneous recycling, reusable components are stocked and returned to the remanufacturing processes. On request, we also develop tailor-made concepts to handle your complete core management. 



Customer & Project Engineering

With our technical expertise in turbocharger repair, we support the further development of products. In close cooperation with customers and suppliers we continuously optimised the use of procedures, materials and technologies. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customer that have one goal: Get out the best for your turbocharger aftermarket business in terms of quality and efficiency.  

  • For each repair, we are able to carry out upgrades and modifications. Therefore, we do not only turn the turbochargers into state-of-the-art, but we develop them further. The precise analysis of damage systems helps us to make recommendations for material optimisations for components and parts and to implement them in the course of the repairs. 
  • We increase the recovery rate by developing special procedures for processing turbochargers. For example, we use special welding procedures for the exchange of flap mechanisms of wastegate turbochargers. 
  • Special expertise is required for new turbocharger technologies. For electronically-controlled turbochargers we offer, for example, high-quality repairs of the E-controller, since the defect is often found in the electronics and not in the mechanics. 
  • We develop special solutions for the professional packaging of your turbochargers and the selection of the appropriate means of transport.

With our know-how we support you in the further development of your business.

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