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Why precisely with us? We are a young, dynamically growing company in the automotive industry and are always looking for clever minds and professionals who can drive us forward. We work in close cooperation with the manufacturers of the European automotive, commercial vehicle and off-highway industry to develop future-oriented solutions for the reprocessing of turbochargers. Our modern production plant in Lingen (Ems) sets standards in the industry. As part of the SERCOO group we are operating in the larger network of a 300-employee strong group - with attractive prospects and conditions.

What drives us forward?

Meanwhile, every second car worldwide is equipped with a turbocharger, with a growing tendency. Turbochargers allow to use smaller motors while performance remains the same. This makes cars more environmentally friendly. The circle is completed when sustainable solutions are also used in case of a turbocharger damage: Then we come into play as we remanufacture and reuse as many parts as possible from the turbocharger in a professional manner. The result is a turbocharger which equals the quality of a new turbocharger but is built with less ressources and is less expensive than a new turbocharger. 


Open jobs

Currently, we have no job vacancies, but we are happy to receive your spontaneous application. Please send your application documents to We will contact you in any case!